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When you decided to choose a Leroy leather bag or briefcase, we want you to be as pleased with your new purchase in two, five, ten years as you are today.

Leather is a natural fibre, an organic material, its required occasional care and conditioning to keep the best initial look throughout the years.  


General protection

             At Leroy, we are using almost all our products vegetable tanned leather, with proper care this type of leather can last for decades. Please use the following guidelines: 

• Avoid overfilling your handbag, briefcase or duffle bag; 
• If you are using your bag daily, wipe away dust and spots with a soft brush or cloth each week; 
• Keep the bag out of direct sunlight and heavy rain for an extended period; 
• We recommended using specialised care products such as wax or cream once a month to add a layer of protection, repelling minor scuffs and scratches and a barrier against dirt and moisture. 
• Always choose a cream that contains only natural waxes; 
• You must store goods like deodorant, fragrance, cologne, balsams, shampoo, etc. in a separate bag; 
• Apply a waterproofing spray before having your leather bag come into contact with denim and other non-colourfast materials. 

Specific Products 

Clever storage and general protection it's not enough to maintain the life of your leather goods; 

Specific products required specific care techniques. 


              If you don't use the bag, store it in their dust covers, or plan to leave it for more than a monthuse leather cream before storing it in the dust cover. 
Please make sure your bag is: 
•Stored away from artificial sources of heat and high humidity, e.g. radiators can cause the leather to dry and crack. 
 Don't use plastic bagsuse a dust cover to allow good ventilation. 
•Remove all goods from inside. 
•You can put paper or bubble wrap to maintain a rigid form of the bag. 
 Don't use newspaper or similar products, which has a high risk of print to rub off onto the inside. 
•Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

For all our briefcases,we are using Saffiano leather. To keep up your bag in good condition, follow the general tips, mainly don't overload the bag; it will damage the accessories and proper form of the pack. And to avoid damaging the embossed finish, only with a soft cloth or with a specific cleaning solution. 

Duffle Bags  

Duffle bag leather is created with a durability accent where wear and the tear of travel are in mind if you will use general and storage tips correctly, it will be more than enough to keep your duffle bag in the best condition. There is are a few more easy steps that you can take to maintain the quality and the finish of your duffle bag leather. 

  • Always try to minimise contact with the greased floor, denim, water and sharp objects. 

  • Keep your liquid object in a separate bag. 

  • Do not store anything on top of the bag. 

Bag pack and small handbags  

At Leroy, we use authentic Vachetta leather to create our products, this leather is firm and durable, but it's also sensitive to marking. Likely it's easy to tread these scratches in a unique look, which will show the true identity of leather along with colour, which naturally changes in time. Always follow all tips and use genuine natural leather cream. 

Quick tips to follow: 
• Clean the leather with a soft brush or cloth no less than once in 2 weeks; 
• Expose regularly lather to air;  
• Remove away water or moisture quickies as you; 
• Dry wet leather naturally, don't use heaters; 
• Use a specialised leather wax and cream no less than once in 3-6 months; 
• Clean stain and spots with a mixture of soap flakes and warm water; 
• Don't use a steam cleaner; 
• Leather is not suitable for machine wash and ironing. 
• Don't use too much water when clean leather. 
We hope all these tips will help you to enjoy your leather product whenever you use it throughout time. For more leather care trips and trick, don't hesitate to contact us. 


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